How long will it take to withdraw/unstake assets from the pool?

After the maturity period is over you can withdraw your assets anytime. Maturity period will be specified on each pool, please refer to the pool details page.

What is the lock up period of each pool?

Lock up period or the maturity of each pool may vary, refer to the pool details before investing.

What network will MANTRA Finance operate on?

The initial product offerings of MANTRA Finance are built on Ethereum. We plan to integrate with multiple chains down the line.

Is there a minimum amount for investment?

The minimum investment amount varies across pools. To find the minimum investment amount, please refer to the individual Vault pool details.

What countries are not supported on MANTRA Finance?

Here are a list of countries that are unable to onboard to the platform: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Belarus, Burma, Central African Republic, Yemen, Russia, Ukraine (This applies to Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine only) & US.

Can I use multiple wallets?

No. Your registered wallet address is whitelisted during the KYC process. Any other wallets will not be eligible to access the platform.

Can I use multiple accounts?

We KYC each user based on our identification and verification process and so we allow only one account per registered user.

Can I use wallets other than metamask?

The platform currently only supports metamask. We will update the community when we allow more wallet connections in future.

How soon can we expect the results for KYC?

Once the KYC details and required documents are submitted, they are verified by our specialists. This process may take 1-2 days. A notification email will be sent once the application is either approved or rejected, or if there are any further clarifications needed by our KYC specialist.

Can I upload multiple IDs to fasten up the KYC process?

We only need 1 relevant ID proof to validate your application and process it within the stipulated time. 

Which types of assets are available on MANTRA Vault?

We strive to continuously provide our investors with interesting investment ideas and products. Visit the MANTRA Vault page to find all the offerings.